Insurance & Reinsurance  Services

We have over 25 years of experience rendering professional
services to the insurance industry in Bermuda, Bahamas and  
United States. Our clients have included international and U.S.
Public and private companies operating in the
property/casualty and life and health insurance industry and
insurance regulators.

Our people are experienced professionals in the accounting,
actuarial and reinsurance professions who have spent many
years in the insurance industry in management positions. We
believe that, in today’s value conscious business environment,
experienced professional are our clients’ best option for value
added professional services.

These services include:

  •  GAAP and SAP accounting engagements including the
           preparation of annual and quarterly statements
  •  Management of insurers in rehabilitation and/or  
  •  Captive management and accounting
  •  Target examinations for state regulators
  •  Reinsurance audits and risk adequacy study
  •  SEC consulting for insurance companies including  
           preparation of SEC filings and assistance with IPO         
  •  Agreed Upon Procedures engagements for insurers in
  •  Expert witness engagements including accountant and
           actuarial malpractice
  •  Forensic accounting including case preparation and
  •  M&A engagements including interim financial
           management placement
  •  Underwriting and claim reviews
  •  Technical accounting consultation regarding GAAP and
SAZ & Co.
Certified Public Accountants
and Consultants
Advisory,Forensic and
Litigation Services
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